About Us

YASTYS is a company dedicated to encouraging you, and those around you. We were created out of the experience of Deloris E. Jordan, who found herself burdened at one point in life with far more painful situations than solutions. Desperate and exhausted, she cried out to God on numerous occasions, seeking to be rescued from her heartache. Responding to her cries with a response that angered her more than it comforted her, God declared; “Deloris, I see everything you are going through and despite what you may think, I have not allowed anything to touch your life that you cannot endure and overcome. Stop whining and keep walking. All is well. You are stronger than your situations.”

Needless to say, being left in the various situations to what she was certain was her breaking point was not at all the answer she sought from God. In the end, however, she came to learn that He was right; she had indeed been stronger than each of the situations that she had been forced to endure. Situations that once seemed insurmountable to overcome had in fact become testaments to an inner strength that we all sometimes fail to realize we have until we are forced to do so. Now armed with her personal experience and her love for encouraging others, Deloris has turned her attention to encouraging you and those around you with the same declaration of endurance that God used to rally her forward; “You ARE stronger than your situations"(YASTYS).


The "ARE" in our strength-inducing YASTYS message is purposely emphasized as our way of declaring to you and your audience that regardless of what is presently impacting your life, "You ARE indeed strong enough to endure the situation. Please do not give up!"


All of our products were designed solely to be visual encouragement that salutes your inner strength, and the inner strength of those you encounter while wearing our garments. All of our garments are imprinted with the YASTYS declaration on the front and back, in an effort to encourage as many individuals as we possibly can. In your coming and going.

Encouraging you and those you encounter as you travel throughout your day is so important to us that every time you purchase two of our tees, we will gift you a third one FREE so that you can encourage two additional people. It is our hope that those recipients will be inspired to pay your kindness forward by duplicating the gesture, and that the duplication of the gesture continues until our YASTYS declaration has reached into the darkest crevices of the world.  

Can there be any greater reason to exist? Come on, let's put encouragement on the move together!


A portion of every purchase is donated to Let's Start A Conversation, which is a nonprofit committed to engaging individuals in encouraging conversations; face to face.   www.letsstartaconversation.org